Short Term Or Monthly Car Insurance vs Annual Car Insurance

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Did your car break down and now you need short term car insurance? Did you know you can buy one day car insurance or up to six months? The benefits for purchasing this type of insurance is that it can be cheaper that annual insurance. Also, if you do not have insurance, then this is the best for you. You can buy inexpensive car insurance for the short term.

If you have a young person staying a short period with you and you want them to be able to drive, then you definitely want short term car insurance for young drivers. This way you could just buy the monthly car insurance and keep your own annual premium cost down while having insurance for the young driver.

Temporary car insurance can have many benefits. But, be aware of how to compare price quotes from different insurance companies. You can receive free quotes by going online and enter your information on the websites of your choice, then just check the different amounts of coverage, what benefits are available if you happen to need it, does it cover a rental car or a friends car that you will be driving. Find the right price and coverage that best suits your needs for temporary auto insurance.

The cost difference between short term and annual car insurance is with annual insurance the company is investing twelve months into you with the hopes of no payouts on a claim. They will check your record and drivers license to make sure you are a safe insurable driver. If you back out of your policy before the twelve months is up, you usually cannot be reimbursed. With short term insurance, all you have to do is prove you have a good driving record and a valid license. The type of car can be a concern, but with short term you basically get coverage and no other benefits that annual car insurance would give you.

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