Pickup Trucks For Sale : Things to Consider

Having pickup trucks for sale in today’s economy can be easy or it can be frustrating. Here are some things you need to take into account in order to get the best possible results. To begin, you will need to answer a series of questions that will be important to the future buyer, such as the type and size of your truck.

Is your truck a large 4 x 4 designed to heavy duty hauling, or light duty vehicle?
Is it a gas guzzler or an economy pickup?
Do you have verifiable maintenance records of any and/all repairs that were done?
What is the overall condition of the vehicle’s interior and exterior?
And most importantly; what should the asking price be?

Determining the Value of Your Truck

The Kelly’s Blue Book (www.kkb.com) will give you an idea of your truck’s value. This site covers all of the above points. It also has a trucks for sale listing. Next, auto auction, or repo trucks auction, and trading websites will allow you to do price/value comparisons, along with getting ad packages specific to your zip code. This can be very useful because vehicle values can vary based upon where you live/or advertise your vehicle. Both of these locations give you the option to list trucks for sale or to sell used trucks.

What type of buyer to target when selling a truck?

Full size pickups or the large heavy duty trucks are usually more appealing to the commercial community. Construction workers and contractors need to haul things like tools and pull trailers carrying equipment. For medium, small size light duty, short bed trucks, you pretty much have an open market when comes to finding buyers. To locate buyers you need to run ads. A great place to run “FREE” ads is Craigslist. EBay is another source to sell used truck parts or find trucks for sale, but eBay is not FREE. But always, check their feedback and ratings.

Buying Used Truck Parts

This is another area of interest to many truck owners, because even the best of vehicles will occasionally breakdown. Here are some of the best places to get parts for cheap used trucks:

Auto-Salvage Companies, or the local junkyard (use local vendor, returns are easier)

Online Vehicle Listing Sites (often sell parts as well)
Check your Local Yellow pages or used the online Yahoo yellow pages.

It does take a little time to research your options and craft the perfect advertisement, but selling a vehicle on the internet will make the entire process easier, and give you the chance to get a better price on your used chevy pickups.

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