A 50cc Moped, the Right Choice

If you are looking at scooters for sale and considering buying a vehicle for your teenager, consider having a look at 50cc scooters. they have a lot of benefits when compared to other vehicles. It is designed for street use and is not a dirt bike. People are becoming more and more conscious about the environment and are using mopeds which are considered as environment friendly vehicles. They are actually motorized bikes which have small engines attached to the vehicles. Mopeds have been around for many years. They are gaining popularity because of the several benefits associated with them. One of the most important advantages is that they are the largest vehicles you can ride without possessing a license. You need to have other accessories like a helmet and bike clothing etc for safety purposes.

They are more preferred than scooters for various reasons. Another advantage of owning a 50cc moped is that it is cheap when compared to other vehicles. The prices of these mopeds range from $500 to over $1,500. These small mopeds can easily hold about 240-260 pounds. The 50cc mopeds also have good storage space under the seat and it is big enough to hold a full face helmet. These vehicles also require very little fuel. They provide good mileage using less fuel or gas. They’re so small and lightweight they can provide about 80-100mpg.

The cost of maintenance is also low for mopeds. Insurance cover is easily available for mopeds and could be just under $100 per month. If the vehicle is maintained properly there will be fewer repairs and can be used efficiently for longer time.  Mopeds are very functional as well. For small rides to the town or to your friend’s home you can make use of these vehicles which can get into narrow streets easily unlike other vehicles. Though there are different varieties of scooters for sale, people prefer to use the 50cc moped due to its benefits.  The only downside of these vehicles is that they cannot take you very fast. However, this is an advantageous feature when safety is concerned.