What Makes New and Used Mercedes Benz Luxury Cars Special?

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It is not only the people who are crazy about cars who would love to travel in a Mercedes Benz; everyone who knows about cars would like to have one for their personal ride. What is it that makes Mercedes Benz luxury cars so special? How could Mercedes Benz build such a good perceptions of their luxury cars in the minds of People? Is it only a marketing trick or something more?


Well, several management gurus are of the opinion that, this is not a marketing trick. Mercedes has been in the market for almost a century and most marketing tricks will not last for more than 2-3 years. A Mercedes Benz luxury car combines world class performance along with luxury to achieve this innovative marketing which has made Mercedes a sustainable brand which holds immense respect for them in the minds of people.


Since its first popular automobile, the SSK racing car, was released to the market in 1928, They have rolled out Mercedes Benz models one after another, which are top luxury car brands. This continuous roll-out of successful automobiles was a result of continuous innovation coupled with strategic decision making regarding various aspects of production, design and marketing which made these cars a hit.


The classes of the Mercedes cars have also been wisely set. The Mercedes Benz S class cars for example is a car which is one of the most luxurious and correlates well with its marketing phenomena as portraying its driver as a gentleman. This is why, Mercedes Benz is the most preferred cars among the company executes specially in higher designations. Of late there have been several attempts to portray itself as a sports car brand as well, with such models as the SLK series; this has been influenced mostly by their McLaren racing brand.


Its latest business initiatives of building manufacturing plants in South Asian countries have been worth noting. Using this it can not only get access to low cost labor but also access to a vast potential market. With the increasing competition there have been speculations of Mercedes Benz entering the low cost segment as well. Perhaps how this would affect the brand image of Mercedes as a builder of premium luxury cars is yet to be seen.


Finding a used Mercedes Benz to fix up and resale could be harder than most other brands as they hold a high resale value and are usually not on the market for long before they are bought. Also damaged Mercedes cars are usually repaired rather than sold because of the resell value.


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