Classic Temporary Car Insurance

Classic temporary car insurance is very helpful for anyone who loans out their vehicle to another person. There are certain limitations and criteria that need to be met in order to obtain this kind of temporary auto insurance, both in terms of your vehicle and the actual situation.

In most instances you need to be over the age of 17 and hold a current and valid driver’s license. This type of insurance policy is specifically for someone who only needs insurance for 28 days or less. If you have special requirements, you may want to discuss these with your own insurance provider.

Here are the instances when you might find this type of insurance policy beneficial. It would definitely be a good idea to take out this type of insurance if you are loaning your vehicle to anyone. Also, if you have additional drivers that will be driving your car you do need to make sure that they are covered as well. Another time when it is very useful to be able to benefit from short-term insurance is immediately after purchasing a new vehicle. You do want to make sure the vehicle is insured on the drive home, as an accident could happen at any time.

It is also a very big saving financially to be able to buy short term carĀ  insurance. The other option is to add a driver to your existing policy. However usually these policies are made for either six months to a year. Adding someone for an additional six months or a year to your existing policy will cause the price to go up a lot. Buying short term car insurance will be much cheaper in the long run. In fact many people ask the person who’s borrowing their car to pay for this insurance.

There are several different ways of obtaining this type of insurance. Perhaps the most convenient is to simply look for quotes online. You may also be able to contact your current provider and have them work out this type of policy for you. Or you can visit different insurance companies in your area and see what they can do. After all no one wants to end up with a damaged car and no insurance coverage.