Four Reasons Why You can Get a Better Deal on Used RVs at An RV Auction

There are a lot of reasons why going to an RV auction is a great way to buy a used RV.  The number one reason why people suggest that RV auctions are a good place to buy is because you can buy a camper for less money at a camper or RV auction.  Prices vary by auction, but generally, people can save 30% to 40% on their recreational vehicles.

Another reason why RV camper auctions are so popular is because a lot of times they have a lot of good inventory to look at.  If you’re trying to get a good deal on an RV and you’re trying to buy it from a private party seller with a used rv for sale, you may have to go and view several RVs before you find one that is a good deal.  When you go to a large recreational vehicle auction, you can find several good deals all in one location.

The third reason why people like auctions is because it is way easier to buy from an RV camper auction than it is to buy a bank repo RV from the bank. When you work with the bank, even on what is called a bank repo rv auction which is really just a sealed bid offer on a few vehicles, you typically have to wait a while before an offer that you submitted can even be looked at.  Then it may have to be approved on multiple levels before the sale can be made.  If just one person rejects your offer within the corporate ladder, then you could be left without a deal and without a counter offer.  When you go to an rv auction, the sales are quick and final.  You don’t really have to wait around for an answer or to know whether or not your offer has been accepted.

The fourth reason to buy at an RV auction is because you can pay less for them and you can often buy them with cash instead of having to finance them.  When you finance an RV or camper, you don’t really own it.  My personal goal is to never have another car payment or RV payment again in my lifetime.  I hope that with some careful planning and some hard work, along with saving money, I can accomplish my goal.  You never get the title unless it is paid for.  As soon as you pay it off, it becomes an asset rather than a liability and it is a lot more fun to own a camper that is paid for rather than just owning a mortgage.

Motivated Sellers Will Sell Their Recreational Vehicles for a Cheaper Amount

Not everyone who has an RV for sale by owner is listed in the newspaper, or on the Internet, or even very anxious to sell.  They start out with an asking price that they know is already too high.  They may just be pricing it slightly above bluebook, because they want to make sure that they do not sell their recreational vehicles for less than what they are really worth.  A lot of people are selling because they have to sell.  It makes a huge difference when you try and buy recreational vehicles from someone who doesn’t really want to sell, because you find out that they are not very flexible with their asking price.  In addition, their asking price is probably a lot more than you want to spend anyway.

If you do a good job at finding motivated people who have recreational vehicles for sale, you should have no problem buying a recreational vehicle for 20% less than the blue book value.  I have found a lot of these motor homes for sale.  I used to own an RV consignment business and I would look for people that want to sell quickly.  Most of the time, they don’t do a whole lot of advertising or marketing.  We would consign their recreational vehicle at a low price and then we would market it really well, and eventually sell it close to the book value.  The advantage of doing this is that you could make several thousand dollars with each motor, or used RV that you sold.  In my opinion, the more expensive the motor home and RV was, the more money you could make off of it when you sold it.  They key was to give people more for their RV when it sold than they would get at a recreational vehicle dealer.  A dealership is probably the easiest way to sell an RV, but it is also the most expensive.  Dealers need to have close to 40% mark up on their entire inventory in order to stay in business.  Plus, if they think they can get away with giving you less money, then they certainly will try to do it.  You will probably find better deals when you buy used RVs for sale by owner or if you buy rv repos directly from a bank. It is also great to buy from banks because they are often very motivated to sell quickly.  The bank understands that every day they hold on to a repo rv, it loses them money and so a lot of times they sell these RVs at repo car auctions.