Buying a Motocross 125 cc Dirt Bike

The process of searching for a motocross bike ( or a dirt bike as they are sometimes called ) is very tedious. I wanted to buy one for my nephew who was a bike enthusiast. I wanted to surprise him on his birthday. He is so fond of bikes that whenever he finds time, all he would do was read more about bikes, watch television programs related to bikes and every other thing only devoted to one topic – bikes!

So I decided, after looking at many scooters for sale ads, that a motocross 125 bike would be the best choice and he would really love it. Most of his friends according to him already had one to flash their style. Initially I had my own reservations, thinking about all of the complications that might arise out of me giving him this gift. But then, his happy face changed my mind. I decided to give him what he wanted. There were many things that need to be considered before buying a motocross bike. First comes the safety, then the cost and also the necessity of having one. We discussed and debated a lot on this at home whether he should really need a bike because maintaining an average bike would need about 3000 – 8000 dollars on the said model. More money would be needed on its accessories like the gloves and helmet etc.

You need a license if the engine is above 50cc. All these will require that time and money to be spent. The owner should also know all the motorbike laws in the country. Other things include the registration and vehicle tax which will be a permanent bill as long as the the bike is owned. The decision was finally made and also the model was chosen. It was one that was meant only for recreation and not for a regular means of transportation. The most important part of a bike is its engine.

Many types of bikes are available and you should be very clear about what features you require on your bike. Some of the different models are Honda 125 CR cross country bike, the 125cc motorbike from Yamaha, and other brands from Suzuki, Arctic Cat, and Polaris. I did some research on the net and also took the opinion of my friends. They told me that the person riding the bike would need to take a course called the CBT course which will teach them how to handle a bike properly. Though in some countries the license is available at the age of 16, they were legally allowed to ride the bike only after the age of 17.