Flatbed Tow Trucks: The Choice of Towing Experts

Flatbed tow trucks are the number one choice for towing. Why? They keep the towed vehicle safe, and prevent any possible wear during the process. In addition, a flatbed truck is not only used to handle vehicles, but any kind of heavy object, from helicopters to tractors. The reason it’s so effective is its versatility. Such is the thinking of a local towing company consulted for this article.

So, how does a flatbed tow truck work? What is it? It’s a powerful truck designed so any heavy object can be placed on its back. The back of the truck has a metallic bed, and using the power of hydraulics, it can be moved at an angle so what you end up with is, basically, a metal ramp. At this point, it’s as simple as driving the vehicle into the ramp. It’s also equipped with a winch, so if the vehicle doesn’t start or there’s need to pull heavy objects, this takes care of that.

The flatbed truck is most commonly used for cars, but if there’s any kind of heavy lifting to do, it’s the perfect tool. It’s not unusual that towing companies will use it to handle industrial equipment to storage containers. For the best chances of keeping it safe, the flatbed tow truck is the answer.

So, why is it so safe? a flatbed truck will keep the vehicle’s wheels off the ground the whole way to its destination. Compared to a hook and chain truck, the chances of damage or wear are significantly reduced. For example, if towing a sports car that is low to the ground, it’s easy to scratch it with the pavement, but with the flatbed it will rest safely on top.

If you have an expensive sports car, or you just want to take special care of your car, asking the towing company for a flatbed is the way to go. This will probably cost you a little extra, so you need to ask around for rates and decide whether your vehicle is worth it.

With a towing operator that knows what he’s doing, flatbed tow trucks will remain the safest choice for some time. In their experience towing the customers’ cars, the towing company that provided their insights would like you to know that keeping an eye on the operator while he does his job will ensure the safety of your vehicle. Make sure it’s placed in the middle of the metallic surface to avoid any movement while driving away.