Me and My Geo

Geo Metro-1996- 3 cylinder, 5 sped, 4 passenger, little bomb of a car. We loved!!! it. Are Geo Metro’s good car’s absolutely one of the best most funnest cars you could ever want to own & drive in your life. Very affordable, to maintain, and gas was almost a nonexistent necessity almost.

I was a single mother of 3 with a kid just graduated from H.S. & getting ready to go to college, she was working hard to pay her own way through college and was having to drive a big old full size ¾ ton chassis dodge van to school….318 Eng. Gas mileage is not that great in the van. It was painted like an ole hippy van. Spray can’s tie dyed it was pretty cool, But not real efficient. Anyway I decided that as the Mom I would go and buy a car that was affordable for her to have to drive back & forth to college since she was commuting, the dealership had a sharp little red one there & we tried it out. We liked & decided it had plenty of get up & go even with just 3 cylinders under the hood.

You could turn that little bugger around on a time. It was just plain fun to drive. I never ever got stuck in the snow while I was driving that car. Of course part of that was the front wheel drive & part of it was the manual transmission but it was just so easy to drive & if you had any sense at all you couldn’t get stuck when you were driving it. I always felt comfortable while driving it. Even when surrounded by the big rigs cause if had plenty of get up & go.

There was only one time in all the times when I was ever going anywhere that I was ever worried. We were on I-75 so on our way to Corbin, KY pulling up the side of the mountain going through London, the little thing was loaded down it had 4 adults in it, our luggage, & a mountain to pull up well that was a little hard, but it made it. I down shifted and a little engine that could DID! Plus we had food stuff in there for the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m here to tell you I wish they still built them I’d buy another one. The only reason I don’t still have ours is my son ended up wrecking it & it protected him wonderfully even then. You wouldn’t have thought so would you? He hit a cement overpass embankment and didn’t even have a scratch on him, a couple of bumps but not hurt. The lord was with him & the little car protected him. It always ran good, never gave us any trouble. My best friend owned one for years and loved hers also. My sister owned multiple geo’s & loved one and all.

article by linda