Keeping Your Geo Metro Car in Good Repair

I had a Geo Metro and it really was one of the best little cars ever. I wish I had kept it. These cars are in such demand nowadays due to their incredible fuel efficiency. Many people are working to keep their Geo Metros alive by fixing them up themselves.

While getting a new car may seem like a good idea, it is a money losing proposition. There are no new gas powered cars available today that get the same gas mileage of a Geo Metro car. The prices of the new fangled hybrids are astronomical when compared with keeping an older Metro alive.

Another good reason to keep that car on the road is the wide variety of Geo Metro Car Parts available. There are so many sources of good original and aftermarket parts for your Geo Metro. While finding a Geo Metro for sale is becoming harder to do easily, Geo Metro Car Parts are very plentiful.

Geo Metro car
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people are taking the time to fix their Geo Metros because they are easy to work on and they just get great gas mileage. Some Metros have reached fuel efficiency ratings of 50 miles per gallon on the highway. That kind of mileage is just not available from any other type of used car.

Geo Metro car parts are relatively cheap and easy to get. The engine has only 3 cylinders, so you only need to replace 3 spark plugs when tuning it up. You can even buy the engine and transmission as a complete set shipped together in one piece if you need to replace it. The tires are twelve inches which are some of the cheapest tires available for cheap cars.

Another cool thing about the Geo Metro is the roomy hatchback. For such a small car it has lots of cargo area. Because of this the Geo Metro is an extremely versatile automobile. Or if you are looking for cool sporty car check out the Geo Metro convertible.