The Origin of Pocketbikes

Do you happen to know why mini bikes were created? It is said that the first minibikes were made by biking enthusiasts around forty years ago who found a lot of spare parts in their garage which were too good to throw out. Minibikes are categorized in to several specialized categories and pocket bikes belong to one category.They look like smaller versions of a sport bike, or dirt bike, and are used for racing on tracks similar to go kart racing tracks.

This type of motor bike is ususally just under the length of one meter and a height of 50cm. They typically use a two stroke engine of 39 cc to 50 cc with a maximum 18 horsepower though newer designs and versions of these bikes are already using four stroke engines, which are more environment friendly. Speeds can range between 30-90 kph and they are available using both electricity and gasoline.

The popularity of these bikes can be blamed by the influx of products coming from China like Sendai and V-Racer. These bikes are the exact replicas of units being used in the Grand Prix.

Pocket bikes are limited to racing only since most countries have banned the use of motorcycles that do not meet the size requirements and necessary equipment to make them street worthy. The exception in the United States however are the super bikes like the X22, X18 and X19 since they have all the necessary features of a full motorcycle equipped with turn signals, tail and brake lights, horn, turn signals, head lights and speedometer. These safety features are what make them street legal in America. The owner of the bike should also include a license plate bracket and insurance to be considered truly street worthy as these are all a must.

Though most people consider these type of bikes as toys, they are actually a good source of transportation since they have the capability to run up to 56kph. The slowest of these bikes can go up to 25 kph. Electric powered bikes are considerably slower than gasoline powered models.

Popularity of these bikes have been increasingly risen and in fact its growth has out-paced the popularity of all terrain vehicles and go carts. This could be related to several factors such as its availability, affordability, safety, ease of use and availability of its spare parts. Most of these bikes cost a fraction of the real Grand Prix motorcycles.

Kids can even use pocket bikes and teaching your kid to use one can be a good source of quality time between parent and child. With these bikes, spending time with your loved one would be truly fun and entertaining.