A Pit Bike for Casual Riders

Look, I’ll be honest with you. If you want to try off road motor sports, but don’t really want to make a big commitment to the sport going out and buying a full fledged dirt bike might not be the best idea. Its simply requires to much of a financial and time investment to take lightly. There is a way to get into off road motor sports if you wanted to get started. The solution is a pit bike, or pocket bikes as they are sometimes called.

If you don’t know what a pit bike is it is a smaller version of a dirt bike that can serve many purposes. It can be perfect for younger person that is looking to learn motor sports at a young age. Don’t let this lead you to believe that a pit bike is a toy however. They have a wide range of uses starting at just casual fun all the way to competitive racing circuits. They are truly something that is able to be enjoyed by everyone. This is making them extremely popular around the world. If you are looking for a starting pit bike consider something in the 125cc pit bike range.

The reason they are so great for someone looking for casual fun is because of their size. They are easy to control and because they are smaller, cost much less than even a lot of cheap dirt bikes usually run. These are both two huge pluses for you. On top of this, they are easy to store and transport. If you drive anything less than a truck, you would simply not have a easy way to get a dirt bike back and forth from a track. This is not a problem with pit bikes however. I have many friends that drive small cars, and all they have to do is simply throw the bike in the trunk of their car! There is really no reason not to check out pit bikes.

50cc Mopeds? Improved Size and Fuel Economy

Gilera Runner PJ 50 (model year 2007) is a spo...
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50cc scooters are miniature sized bikes with small engines. Not to be confused with pocket bikes which are designed for racing, or with a dirt bike which are is used off road but usually has the same small engine size. If you are conscious about your carbon footprint  and want to drive a vehicle with fewer emissions, then these vehicles are the best choice. 50cc mopeds are one of the bestselling motorbikes around because they are cheap and easy to obtain. In some countries, you do not need a license to drive a bike with an engine under 50cc, so it can be driven by adults and children alike. The small engine also makes them easy to handle, even for children who have never driven bikes with engines before. However, riders should always wear helmets and protective clothing and obey the laws of the road.

Most 50cc scooters are priced between five hundred dollars and one thousand dollars. Compared to other vehicle choices, these scooters are the most obtainable. Despite the small size, there is still an area big enough for storing a helmet or other personal items below the seat. A small engine means that the bike consumes minimal fuel, especially because of its light frame. The mileage ranges from eighty to one hundred miles per gallon. The cost of insurance and maintenance is also much lower compared to other motorbikes or car. If it is maintained and cared for properly, it can last a long time without having to go for any serious repairs.

The ergonomic and economic mopeds feature a four-stroke engine to provide faster top speeds and acceleration time. With a bike this small, you will not need to worry about finding a parking space because it will fit just about anywhere. Dealers all over the world sell these types of bikes, so you should be able to find a shop near your area. Look around at the different choices until you find a style and engine requirements that suit you best.