Car Window Decals For A Buckeyes Fan

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When you love a sports team, you typically want to demonstrate your support in a variety of ways. Sometimes, the level of support also depends on the type of sports team. Professional teams may have causal fans, and college sports sometimes are known for more ardent, hardcore supporters. The reason extends beyond a mere love of the game. That unconditional love often comes from alumni, who feel a fierce devotion the college they attended. For many, such devotion is demonstrated by the things they put on their automobiles.

For example, Ohio State merchandise decals are a mark for not only Buckeyes fans, but college alumni too. These car window decals are not only evident in Ohio State’s stadium, but far across the campus. You will also see them on highways and roads throughout Ohio as well.

These decals tend to be very cheap and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Often, it may just be lettering spelling out “Ohio State,” or it could be the letters “OSU” with a buckeye leaf. Many Ohio State decals also feature witty catch phrases or the standard, “Go Buckeyes!” One of the most common designs features a large, prominent “O.” Such stickers do not even need wording or the buckeye logo. To people in Ohio, it is fairly evident what that “O” stands for.

There are some Ohio State fans who do not like adhesive decals. Sometimes, the glue can harden and the sticker can deteriorate. Decals can be hard to remove, sometimes, even with a razor blade, resulting in damaged cars or at least the paint job. For these fans, there are always magnetic Ohio State decals. They can stick to a car, but they can be easily pulled off if needed.

If it’s a traditional or magnetic decal, they are not hard to find. Ohio State decals can be bought on campus, online and even at gas stations. However, be weary. Not all decal sales benefit Ohio State. Decals are easy and cheap to manufacture, and there are people out there to make a profit.

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