Add Style to your Ride with a Spare Wheel Cover

When you’re driving down the road and you see a vehicle in front of you that has a spare wheel suspended on the

"No worries" text, on the cover of a...
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back hatch, once in a while you see a great spare wheel cover with a logo or a picture or a phrase that makes you smile. As a part of the effort to reduce road rage, a spare wheel cover that shows some sign of humor or personal art or personal style are a great way to put everyone at ease and show them just how much of a clown, sports fan or easy going individual you are.

For some great ideas on what kind of art is available, you can find ideas for a spare tire covers online. Doing a simple search for spare wheel cover or spare tire covers, you can find a plethora of sites that offer a range of offerings, from funny to serious art to sports teams or schools to political or even outrageous.

Football teams, baseball teams, hockey teams, college tire covers, military branches or other trademark covers are all available online. Maybe a custom graphic or one of a kind design is what you’re looking for. One great place to look is You will get some great ideas and once you determine what you need in terms of wheel cover size, all you need to do is order and wait for your tire cover to arrive.

Whether you own a jeep, a blazer, a rodeo or even some camper trailers that puts a spare tire on the back hatch, rather than keeping it naked or just having a plain old nondescript cover on it, why not dress up your ride a little and inject some personality into it at the same time? Step up and do your part to reduce road rage and show off your ride and your personality at the same time by slipping on a spare wheel cover and putting some style on your spare.