Where to find used Chevy pickups

Where to find used Chevy pickups? First you need to decide what year, make and model of Chevy pickup you are

English: The Chevy
English: The Chevy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

interested in buying. After you have a range in mind than you can start to make a search by searching for locations that have the style of Chevy pickup you are inquiring to purchase. Now you can plan a search to narrow down the Chevy pickup in the style, year and model you are looking for.

One place you could start searching would be car lots. Cash for clunkers had many people running to the local car dealer to trade in their truck for something newer and many did not qualify for the cash for clunkers discount. Where to find used Chevy pickups you ask? Try asking your larger car lot dealers if they took any Chevy pickups in as a trade-in lately. They would probably be happy to show you what they have on their lot and could check their partners lots to see if they have more than one model for you to choose from.

Used car lots and buy here pay here lots are another place to look for used Chevy pickups. Used car lots get many of their cars from trade-ins and also from dealer only car auctions. If you let them know what year, make and model you are interested in they should be able to tell you if it is an vehicle they would carry or be interested in finding for you. They would need to know your price range, year, make and model though.

Another good place to keep your eyes peeled would be local swap-sheets. If you belong to a credit union your bank may offer a free swap-sheet to members. Many bank swap-sheets even offer the swap-sheet online for its members. Don’t forget about auto magazines like ‘Wheels for You’ that put out monthly auto sales magazines. These magazines can be found at most grocery stores and are free.

Other places to look might be at auctions for salvage cars or places who deal in damaged cars or repossessed cars, after all a good Chevy truck would be worth a little fixing up.