How To Obtain The Lowest Car Insurance Premium?

So, just how do you obtain a low cost car insurance premium? By incorporating as many of these money saving tips as you can into your quote. These tips really do work and can be the difference of you getting a cheaper motor insurance premium, and not ending up with damaged cars and no coverage.

Before you go off searching for the lowest car insurance quotes remember to check the levels of cover, excess and any exclusions that you want on your policy. Try and keep extra features to a minimum unless they are included as standard on the policy. The more extras you add the higher the costs will rise and we are trying to keep the costs down with this exercise. If you really do need a courtesy car, breakdown cover and legal expenses take a look at a car insurance comparison table, it will list all the main features and discounts of each policy. It’s a great way of searching and identifying quickly, what’s covered.

Your no claims discount is a really important factor that can get you the biggest discounts, so the longer no claims history you have the more discount you should be able to achieve. You can get up 70% no claims discount with some leading insurers and brokers. You can get a copy of your no claims status from your existing insurance provider; just ask them to send you a copy.

Where you store you motor vehicle can reduce your premium, if you keep it locked in a garage then you’ll be eligible for a discount, but if you just leave it parked up on the road side then your car is more likely to be damaged by on coming cars or be broken into, therefore you won’t get any discounts. Also think about getting a security alarm or immobiliser installed on your vehicle as this too could get you a discount. Manufactured alarm systems, tracker devices and immobiliser are the best form of security for your car, get one fitted if you haven’t got one.