New or Used Go Kart – Which Is Right For You?

cheap go kart
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Every Summer, droves of people flock to big box retailers and buy go karts for their kids, or their self. These go karts usually get used a few times then moth balled as the new wears off and the family finds a new toy to play with. So would such a family be better off buying a new or used go kart? Like many other things, it depends on what the family will use the go kart for and how much they’ll be using it.

If you’re family is the type that buys a new toy every month and then gets bored with it when the new wears off, then buying used cheap go karts makes much more sense than going out and  buying new ones. For one thing, a new go kart will depreciate greatly in price, just like anything else with wheels.

Also, if you end up selling your go kart shortly after buying it, you’ll take less of a loss generally with a used go kart, even though you may have sold it for less than if you’d had a new go kart.

Racing go karts can also be difficult to find used go kart parts for is something goes wrong, especially on high end machines.

However, if you plan on using your go kart routinely and over a variety of terrain, then you may want to look at a high end new go kart. One especially designed for rough off road use. These go karts will have components designed for rough use and will usually last much longer than the ordinary big box store brand of go karts.

Another problem that can arise when buying a go kart from a big box store retailer is the availability of accessories. Manufacturers like to make accessories for major brands and popular models. The no name generic brand at a major retailer may not have any accessories available for it. These are only a few things you need to decided when comparing new or used go karts.