What Happens When Brake Pedal Sinks

Several problems can occur with car, but one of the most dangerous of them all is a problem involving a brake system. Brake stops a car to avoid colliding with any obstruction in front of your car, but what if the brake pedal sinks to floor when you step on the pedal does it works as it supposed to be?

If this happens it can either work or not depending on the severity of the problem, but sure enough that you will notice a weak braking when you step on the pedal because of this problem.

When brake pedal sinks to floor even a slight step on the pedal is an indication of brake master problem. Usually it involves brake fluid leak coming from the pistons. There are two pistons contained in a master cylinder, those pistons are the primary and secondary pistons. Both pistons are each sealed with a part called “cap” to avoid the leaking of brake fluid, therefore when the cap is ruptured a leak will occur on the brake system depending on the location whether in the front or rear portion. Now, we already know that the effect of a ruptured seal is leak and when there is a leak, as in the case of master cylinder, on the system the brake pedal will sinks even if slightly depressed.

When you encountered a pedal that sinks on the floor, take care of the problem at once to avoid major accident that might happen. Bring the car immediately to a car servicing shop and have the brake system inspect to confirm the real cause of the problem and apply necessary repair on the system. Probably a mechanic will replace the brake master cylinder in this case you may consider using a rebuilt one because it is much cheaper than brand new.