The Benefits of a Miata Hardtop over a MX-5 Softtop

 Miata hardtop
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For those of you Mazda Miata MX-5 fans there is good news. There is a snap on miata hardtop available to you.  It is beneficial for you to purchase a snap on hardtop for many reasons; not only will you be secure in the fact that this option will protect your car in the winter against the elements, but it will also protect it from a security point of view, no more damage due to the top being slit.

To begin with the snap on hardtop is made of fiberglass which has smooth lines and is lighter by a third of the original hardtop weight. Next, they are made with built in rain guard for a longer lasting product. Then to make it even more convenient, they do not have to be screwed on and don’t require “frankenstein” bolts for installation. It is a quick and easy install or removal in a snap. What could go wrong? Nothing: just lower your soft top and in moments the new hardtop is in place with time to spare.

Mazda Miata MX5
Mazda Miata MX5

But that is not all you will get with this product. You have several options when ordering the MX5 hardtop. You tell the manufacturer what you want and they custom make it to your specifications. What could be better?

They are fitted with a rubber seal that fits over the edge of the windshield. They have many forums dedicated to the high ratings this product gets from owners. In addition to these points there is a protective MX5 hardtop storage bag you can purchase to store it in when not in use. This bag comes with mounting points for easy hanging storage.

An even better benefit this item gives you, is that you pay a lower premium for your sports car insurance. This product is made of an easy to repair or replace substance that is acceptable to insurance companies world wide. So make that call.