Searching for Sioux City Car Dealers

When looking for Sioux City car dealers, don’t forget to check all avenues.  You want a car dealer of the type of car you’re looking for and a reliable, honest dealership too.  You can either find the car then research the dealership that the car is at, or research all the dealerships first and then ask them to find the car for you.  I’d rather research Sioux City dealerships first as any dealership new or used should be able to hunt down the car you want.

The first place I’d go to are coworkers, neighbors, people you know.  They’ll let you know the experience they had or that they heard someone had.  I rely on these reviews quite heavily.  If no one you know has bought a car recently from a dealership then turn to the next best source of honest reviews, Google map pages.  In google type “Sioux City car dealers” and you’ll see a map of  Sioux City with dealership locations.  If the dealership has a review you should see some stars for the average rating.  Go to all the dealership listings and read the reviews.

If you are looking for a particular type of car such as a new BMW or used Toyota, or just cheap cars of a particular type, then search on that in Google instead.  Then read the reviews.  Don’t hesitate to also broaden your search radius to include surrounding towns.  I’d be willing to drive if I could save several hundred dollars at a dealership with good reviews.  Or I’d even be willing to drive an hour not to save money but to buy a car from a dealer with good reviews.  That’s how much a good car buying experience means to me.

I’ve had some bad car buying trips such as to car dealers that ignored me because I was a young female or car salesmen that showed me a car and asked me to fill out financial information immediately!  I don’t think those people understood how to sell cars or what it’s like buying a car from a consumer point of view.