No Moving Violations for Three Years to Save on Car insurance

Speeding, running red lights, taking right turns when they are not allowed, not using turn signals, making u-turns when they are not allowed, along with all of the other moving violations are the reason that car insurance providers must raise and lower rates accordingly. Individuals that are cautious, defensive, smart and follow the law on the road are going to be granted with lower car insurance rates because of the discount of no moving violations for three years. However, drivers who are reckless, careless, and constantly disobey the law are going to get caught and hit with higher car insurance costs along with a hefty fine for their actions. This system works quite well and eventually puts deterioration on all of the young drivers that believe they are invincible into trying to be safe drivers.

Without moving violations, car insurance providers have little information to look at about their driving habits which can either mean they are actually excellent drivers or they simply know how to not get caught. Either way, what car insurance carriers do not know is something they cannot punish for with higher rates, and hopefully if they are getting away with breaking the law they are doing it in a fashion that is not causing harm to other drivers and passengers on the road. The government implements and enforces these laws because they have a purpose, and that is to create a safe driving environment to ensure that people are not injured or killed while going from one destination to another.

There are always going to be a small group of individuals that feel that they are better than everyone else and can take advantage of the system. While the majority of these people will be caught at some point in time and be slapped with higher 17 year old car insurance costs , some of them will get away and that is the sad reality of the world. However, there is hope because those that do get caught may finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and decide to change their careless ways into driving safer and striving for that respectable discount. Overall, having no moving violations for three years is not only great for lower car insurance premiums, but because that means they have been at least a decent driver on the road for some time now.