Motorcycle Bags And Backpacks For Commuting

It’s not an uncommon problem for a motorcycle rider to buy a motorcycle for commuting, but not be able to find motorcycle bags that suits their needs for commuting. Saddlebags are hard to remove and carry and tank bags just are not large enough. For a good solution for finding motorcycle bags you may want to have a look at some of the motorcycle backpacks that are available. They’re not great for anything other than a short commute, but they suit the needs for lower speed and short distance rides.

Motorcycle backpacks are different than the standard backpack. They are made specifically for riding and not hiking or large capacity. Standard backpacks are nothing short of annoying when riding. The wind catches them and causing small steering inputs as it moves around. The weight distribution is all that way at the bottom of pack and if it shifts, there’s a strong tug on the pack. Even the strap systems are inconvenient.

A good motorcycle backpack has many design features that increase the usability for motorcycling. A biker with the right backpack can enjoy the convenience of backpack and also have a tolerable solution while riding. If the load is light enough, the pack is hardly noticeable.

These best design feature should include –

  • Straps that are large enough to fit over an armored motorcycle jacket
  • Straps that go around the chest. These add to the stability of the backpack.
  • Aerodynamic design that spreads the load evenly. It is surprising how much wind goes over a rider’s back. If the pack isn’t designed for right, the wind whips it around. Even the seams should add to the aerodynamics to allow zippers to be tucked instead of flapping in the wind.
  • A full rain cover to make the backpack waterproof is essential. Any good motorcycle backpack will include a cover like this.

No pack is as good for your ride as mounted motorcycle bags, but a motorcycle backpack is a good compromise.