Junkyard The Land Of Treasures

The junkyard has received many names because of the kinds of material it stores, most notably “the bone yard”, “auto graveyard” or “final resting place for automobiles”. Many junkyards have earned their referential titles because they are open vaults for the things the world once valued now discarded to wither away with time. The auto junkyard is especially a place we seem to put away things we have forgotten.


Once stylish but damaged cars end up here in order to keep them from dominating landfills or destroying the beautification of suburban neighborhoods by occupying space in an otherwise neatly manicured yard. Though we delude ourselves into thinking there will be no more use for these vehicles, we often return to their open-air graves to recover much needed junkyard auto parts or salvage cars.

Owners of older car models who can no longer order special parts for refurbishing their cars can often come to the junkyard in order the save the day for their collector car. The companies that originated many of these models no longer exist, and when they do, they no long sell accessories or parts for long ago discontinued models.

If the owners can no longer find these parts at specialty retailers online or through special Internet auctions, they are forced to look for parts on old cars in junkyards and restore the parts before fitting them for their cars.

The car junkyard has more uses than just offering parts. The junkyard cars are sometimes a treasure waiting to be discovered. Many cars in the junkyard have been properly smashed down to mere layers of metal to prevent children or others who stray here from inhabiting them and hurting themselves.

Others are wrecked, but not compounded. Rescuing a car from the junkyard makes the perfect way for a car enthusiast to bond to his next great project. Some of the most beautifully restored models have come directly from the junkyard and received the attentive auto genius of some person whose hands itch for an old car to save.

One of the biggest benefits for car restorers or average car owners when they go to a junkyard to recover parts is the savings they will experience if they find what they are looking for. Most find their desired car part for a fraction of the cost that they would pay in a retail outlet.

There is no limit to what else you can find in a junkyard. Think of it as a treasure hunt in which someone has hidden the most valuable well-disguised nugget of gold just for you to uncover. That’s a driver alert, you can save real money here.