How To Get Compensated For a Car Accident

Car Accident compensation

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Over 10,000 road accidents happen every day.  Not only do you have damaged cars and other property, but also people receive injuries such as whiplash in these car accidents.  Reporting a minor car accident to the police will usually end with damages being out of pocket expenses.

Compensation can be claimed for major car accidents.  Car accident compensation claims are a good way to receive money for damages done to your vehicle but it can also take care of medical bills [ car accident injury claim ] and other expenses due to the accident.

A statue of limitations will limit the amount of time you have to file your car accident compensation claim.  Do not wait until too much time has passed or you will have lost out on possible money you otherwise would have been eligible for.  With damages of under $5000 your case will most likely go to small claims court, in which you will not need legal representation.  Anything over that amount, you will want to hire a car accident lawyer.

It is strongly recommended that a victim of a car accident meet with an attorney to file an accident claim; either with the person at fault or their auto insurance carrier.  With an insurance company you will be more likely to receive full compensation.  Be careful you do not use your insurance agency otherwise your rate will skyrocket.  If you are not at fault, always get the other driver to pay for damages.

Car accident compensation is filed after the victim comes up with a total amount for the damages.  However, injuries that occurred in the accident are often subject to further considerations which include, medical and future medical expenses, disabilities, loss of income and benefits, auto expenses (towing and car rental fees), and how long it will take for a full recovery.  Once those factors are accounted for  the victim will have their final car accident compensation total.

Damages are categorized into economic and non-economic.  Any expenses that have come out of the victims pocket are categorized as economic.  Non-economic damages include any pain and suffering caused by the accident.  Both can be rewarded to a car accident victim.

If someone sues you for compensation, do not panic.  Contact your insurance agent, who with then set up your legal representation and will file the claim for you.  Remember, the victim has to prove they deserve the amount that they are asking for.  If you are at fault, anything over than what your insurance policy covers you will have to seek your own accident lawyer.