How to find good Harley Davidson accessories sellers

The Harley Davidson after market is full of Harley Davidson accessories and harley davidson collectibles for sale. These are there for Harley owners who wish to customize their motorcycles or for repairs. You can buy your accessories on line or from local dealers, and for used parts the local motorcycle junkyard. The accessories sold can be either new or used. To find a good seller, look for the following characteristics.
The sellers offer quality accessories at competitive prices. This is especially so for the case of used accessories as well as on line sellers. The used accessories should not be worn out in such a way that they will last a little time before being obsolete. In addition, on line sellers have the ability to sell accessories at lower prices than local dealers.
Being an after market, the services provide should be exceptional. If you find a dealer with Harley Davidson accessories for sale, find out if they offer additional services such as accessory fitting, customization of Harley Davidson motorcycles among others which are exclusive for their customers. This will reduce the amount of time you need in case you want the accessories fitted onto your motorcycle.
They should offer warranties for the various accessories and parts they sell. Accessories meant for your motorcycle are prone to malfunctioning. Therefore a warranty is necessary in case of such occurrences. The warranty should match the accessory you buy.
The dealers should have technical staff who specialize in Harley Davidson motorcycles. These members will be able to help in any matters concerning your bike if the need arises.
Finally, the dealers should be licensed by Harley Davidson to sell their accessories. The company makes about 5% of its revenue by licensing out use of its trademarks. This also ensures that buyers get quality accessories. If the seller can not provide authorization, it will be better for you to find another dealer.