Find Used Car Parts At Junkyards

With the economy still in a slump many people are looking for ways to save money on everything from grocery shopping to car repairs. You may clip coupons, ad match and watch every penny you spend at the grocery store but are you doing all that you can to save money on your car repairs? Many smaller repairs can be done in the comfort of your garage. All you need are a couple of tools and the junkyard car parts.

Learning How

There’s no need to be intimidated by car repairs. Sure there are some things that are going to be more difficult to fix than others. While you may not be ready to pull out the engine block, you can start with replacing a starter motor, battery, or belt. These repairs can all be accomplished from the top of the car. That means you don’t have to get the car up on blocks or shimmy under, you can simply pop the hood. Every car has a repair manual. If you can’t find one at your local library then you can do an Internet search. Many times the manufacturer will have posted them online. You can also search YouTube for instructional videos that are specific to your car’s make and model.

Gather Tools

Instead of running out and buying a bunch of tools to try your hand at car repairs, perhaps you should look into borrowing them. If your brother lends you his tools you might also get him to stick around and lend a hand with the repair. Most people are more than willing to share their knowledge if they have a willing student. Listen up and learn as much as you can from those who have done this before. One simple tip is to have the new/used part ready. Once you unhook one wire from the old part, hook it directly onto the new part. That way you won’t end up wondering how you put it all back together. You can also take step-by-step photos or video with your phone. Then just go through the photos in reverse.

Finding Used Parts

You can buy new car parts for sale from just about any auto supply store; however, there are certain parts that the dealers keep close to home and don’t allow out for general distribution. If you are in need of any part, junk yards in Florida, or any where, are the place to go. They have a huge selection of damaged repairable cars. Many of the cars and trucks on the yard were hauled in because of an accident. Their engines all work fine but the back end is bent beyond repair. Check the miles on any vehicle before you pull a part. That way you’ll have some idea as to how old the part is before you take the time to get it out. At a junk yard, you can get used parts for a fraction of the cost of new. The money you save will stay in your pocket. You’ll also gain knowledge that you can use for a lifetime. You may even find that the time you spend with your brother, son or daughter repairing a vehicle will create some of the fondest memories you’ll ever have.