To Install New Or Recycled Car Parts?

If you’re mechanically inclined, good for you! You probably know a lot about installing your own car parts. The problem you might have is the cost of the part that needs to be replaced. There are some options which can help you cut your costs. One great option is using recycled or used car parts.

More and more recyclers are out there than you can ever imagine. And what’s more even great is that their prices are very affordable and so hard to beat. This is because insurance companies tend to just drop off wrecked vehicles at a junk yard to save money.

Here are some facts to consider when using recycled car parts:

• You save money. Instead of buying a new part, used car parts are usually cheaper and most of all, has the same level of quality. Almost all junk yards will give you a warranty on most of their parts so no need to worry.

• You help prevent pollution. Manufacturing new car-parts use up a lot more resources such as oil and raw materials and this is saved by recycling. Our environment benefits when we avoid using raw materials.

• Save a lot of space in landfills. Do not just throw it away, it might be of use. Buying some used car parts will give you the same quality as the original manufactured part.


But remember, the do-it yourself installing of your car parts can only be achieved perfectly if you truly have the knowledge and are familiar with the procedures. The manufacturer’s manual is usually not as helpful as a good repair manual for your specific make of car when it comes to installing or replacing your car parts.

Doing this can be a cost-effective way to replace parts in your own car. But if time comes that you doubted yourself, many recyclers are fully certified mechanics who can install your car parts and even help you find the right part for your car.

If you know or you have your own trusted mechanic, you can ask them about recycled car parts, and have them locate and replace the part, or if you want, you can get involved and source the part for them to install for you. Good car recyclers can source the car part needed to be replaced. Your trusted mechanic can also offer you advice on whether to buy recyclable parts or if a new one is required.

Some parts are better suited to buying used than others. Components that wear out like mufflers and brake pads are best replaced with new ones due to safety reasons while standard items such as bumpers and interior trim parts are a great option to buy used ones.

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A Trip to the Junkyard

Junkyards can be exciting, interesting, fun, dangerous, hot, boring, & dirty. What’s so exciting about a junkyard? Well for starters there are usually all kinds of different kinds of motors just sitting around with no car around them where someone took them out of a car and just left them sitting. Also there are usually a lot of old tires and tire rims laying around and sometimes if you go at the right time of day at the right time of year you’ll even get a certain bunch of old men hanging around. These are all things that you can find to be interesting or exciting if you’re curious at all.

I mean just think about all those engines that were sitting around. What kind of car were they out of? What kind of engine are they & are they all there. So it’s sort of interesting listening to the old guys talk about the kind of car this engine here or that engine over there came out of over there. The old guy everybody calls the professor starts telling about that engine right there in front of you. He remembers it so well; it seems like yesterday that he & his friends had come out to see if they could find that very engine. A 1966, 396-4spd, the old gentlemen just got all glazed over eyes just saying that. It was like he was remembering his youth or a favorite car from his youth?
The Professor started going on all about the cars stats, such as how many were made a how many were used for racing, on the street, on the tracks, etc. How fast these cars were on an oval & how fast on a straight- away. What the timing is on the engine, the spark plug gap, the settings on the points, I mean you name it he knew it right off the top of his head. He then told that he had owned a 1966 Chevelle SS 396 before he went into the Marines and that he had loved his car. So that was why he knew all about that engine.

Junkyards can be dangerous places; after all there are all kinds of junk lying around to fall over, rusted cars you have to climb over, sometimes through. They also have bee’s nests & other wild animal nests in them at times. This can be hazardous to humans. There’s also frequently loose frayed hanging rusted, metal on these junkyard cars that you might get cut on that can easily give you Tetanus.

Most of the time people do there junkyard searching during the summer when it’s the hottest part of the year. That make for some hot times searching but that beats freezing, or working out in the rain to take parts off of an old Junker that you’ve first had to hunt down. And then get yourself filthy dirty while trying to get the part off that you came after off of the junk car.

article by linda