Observe the Principle of Road Safety

Intensive driving courses can help you prevent getting into automobile accidents, whether they are your fault or someone else’s. Every time you drive you should be mindful of the principle of safe driving.

First, when you stop at traffic signs, such as a stop sign, and other road signs, check the roadway to make sure it is clear and then recheck it. Another driver may not be paying attention and enter the intersection without looking.

The other driver may not even notice that you are there and that it is your turn. Be sure that they have stopped and that your way is clear.

That principle of rechecking an intersection is vital to your safety. Many accidents occur at intersections due to driver carelessness.

Parking lots are busy places. Be sure to check to the left and right when backing out of a parking space, but also check to make sure that the path directly behind you is clear as well.

Another driver may choose the same time to back out of his parking spot. There may also be pedestrians who are attempting to cross behind your vehicle.

Take the time to look out for their safety and avoid accidentally backing into them. This will benefit both you and others.

Another tip for intersection safety is to make sure the roadway is clear after your light turns green. A careless driver may attempt to go through on a yellow light, and someone may also follow that driver.

Careless drivers do not usually observe the principle of roadway safety. They may not slow down at a yellow light, but instead speed up hoping to make it through.

In such cases the light may change at the time they come into the intersection. Do not be overzealous to get where you are going and make sure the roadway is clear.

If the driver going through the yellow light is speeding up to make it through his vehicle may be going quite fast. An accident between your vehicle and his would not end well.

As a general rule you should always check the roadway in both directions before proceeding across an intersection. If you are going to turn right recheck the traffic flow to the right after checking it to the left.

If you do not recheck there may be a car or person there that you don’t see before it is too late. Many accidents occur when drivers fail to recheck and are not aware of what is in their path.

If you fail to make sure that your path is clear, the ensuing accident would be your fault. It would be a terrible thing to be the cause of the injury or death of another human being.

Again, if you are too impatient you may crash into a low trailer being pulled by a vehicle. This can be hazardous if you do not take the time to properly check.

This same principle of caution is relevant when changing lanes during busy traffic, or at any time for that matter. There are blind spots which are not shown in your rearview mirrors so it is important to take the time to look behind and to the side of your vehicle.

You may not believe that an entire car could remain hidden in your blind spot, but it is possible. You may not imagine that an accident could happen to you, but it can happen to any of us, any time.

Tractor-trailer trucks are a hazard because they are such big vehicles but have mirrors that are not much bigger than those of an average car. It is possible that truck drivers do not see you while you are driving near them in traffic.

It is an established fact that they are not able to see you. Be sure that you are able to see the driver because that is the only way to be sure he can see you.

Take the time to remember and observe these principles of safe driving because your safety is far more important than arriving to a destination on time. If you observe these principles of safe driving, you will be a safe driver.

Driving defensively is as vital as driving proactively. Other people may not be safe drivers, but if you observe these principles you will be safe on the road.