Instructions on How to Replace the Power Mirror in a Mercury Cougar Car

The Mercury Cougar is a popular compact sports hatchback and comes in two different versions.  There are the two and four door models, and both are well documented in having troublesome power mirror issues.  Thankfully the power mirror construction is very similar on all models and generations of the Mercury Cougar, so you can follow the guide below which will show you how to replace them in some very easy to follow steps so you can do your own DIY car repair job if you have this problem.


What Tools You Will Need

You won’t need too much to replace the power mirror on the Mercury Cougar.  Make sure you have these tools and you will be ready to get going:

  • Screwdriver x 1

Believe it or not, that’s all you are going to need!

Remember to Take Safety Precautions!

First thing you should do is disconnect the negative cable from the battery underneath the hood of the Mercury Cougar.  Failure to do so could lead to injury so pay particular attention to this task.  Once you have done that you can then remove the covering triangle mirror which is located on the inside upper door panel. You can get the cover off using a standard flat headed screwdriver – so loosen the casing and then unscrew the fixing bolt which holds the mirror cover in place.  Be sure to remove the casing carefully as it could crack.

Dismantle the Wired Connections

Next you will need to completely dismantle the wired connections in the mirror.  This is the reason we asked you to disconnect the battery – so you don’t suffer an electric shock.  Once that is done you can take off the mounting door fittings that encase the mirror by unscrewing the mounting nuts.

Pull the Old Mirror Off and Secure the New One in Place

It should now be possible to pull the mirror off completely at which point you can install the new Mercury Cougar power mirror.  Put the new one into the casing and start to slowly turn the mounting nuts.  To make it all secure, tighten the nuts whilst holding the mirror upwards – but not too tight as you could crack the casing.  Now reconnect the wiring for the new mirror and slightly adjust the inside cover before you even start to put the screw cap back on.

Reconnect the Battery Back Up

It’s now time to connect the negative battery cable back under the hood of the car.  The job is complete and your new power mirror should now be in full working order.

Some Final Hints and Tips

Some final tips: You should look to avoid accidentally slipping with the screwdriver because this could mean you smash the car’s window.  Also never do this in very cold weather because if the mirror is very cold it can actually crack when you do the replacement job.  Make sure that the car is warm before you do the replacement job.  You can also get easier access to the casing by reaching through the door on side which you need to replace – this should make things a lot easier and quicker.  Avoiding any breakages will mean that you keep your Mercury warranty intact.