Important Things To Know About Flatbed Tow Trucks

Flatbed tow trucks are the trucks you see with no hood or roof at the back of the truck. This makes flatbed tow trucks one of the most flexible of all types of trucks you find today. They can be used for a wide range of jobs such as transporting goods, farm products, construction materials, and even vehicles.

Because flatbed trucks are used for multiple purposes today you find many kinds specialized and custom designed flatbed trucks that are meant for specific uses. The bed of the flatbeds comes as rigid and articulate flatbeds depending on the model and intended use. You can find three types of flatbed tow trucks in the market today. Drop deck flatbed trucks, level flatbed trucks and extended flatbed trucks are the three types of trucks. Most of these trucks are heavy duty trucks but there are medium duty trucks too found in the market for light transport usage. Some of the most popular flatbed models today are Chevy 5500, GMC C6500, Ford F650 and International flatbed trucks.

In the towing industry you find a kind of flatbed truck known as rollback tow trucks. The rollback tow trucks is unique because unlike other flatbeds on this one the bed at the back of the truck can be hydraulically tilted and lowered to the ground so that the damaged cars can be moved onto the truck bed instead of trying to tow it. Once the vehicle is on the tilted truck bed the bed is again hydraulically lifted back and resumes its normal state at the back of the truck. This makes rollback flatbed trucks a very special and more expensive truck as well as needing trained drivers to handle it.

Like you see here there is a lot more to flatbed tow trucks than meets the eye. If you are going to buy a flatbed truck browse around the Internet and you will find many trucks with lot of different features for sale.