How To Clean Car Windows And Get A Streak Free Windshield

No matter what type of cars that you own, from pristine show cars to old damaged cars that you almost never wash, if it has streaked windows, it feels dirty. Nothing upsets a car owner more than to leave the car wash with ugly streaks on the windshield. As impossible as it might seem, we can show you how to clean car windows and end up with no streaks.

No matter how hard people try, it is difficult to remove all the streaks. The problem is even worse when cleaning windshields that are covered with tinted plastic material. This is especially true if the cleaner has any trace of ammonia in it. The best way to clean car windows does not include using ammonia because it will cause the tinting surface to blister.

Experts know how to clean car windows. They advise that you invest in a good quality, tightly woven micro-fiber towel to scrub the window surface with. Dip half of the towel in cold water and use that half to scrub the window. Repeat the process if any residue is left on the window surface. Wipe the window dry with the other dry side of the micro-film towel until the streaks have disappeared.

When the window streaks have been eliminated, clean the wiper blades thoroughly and apply 303 wiper treatment. This will prolong the life of your blades and help them do a better job cleaning removing the dirt from the windshield glass.

Tinted glass can be cleaned with a mild soapy water solution or a foam spray glass cleaner. Finish up by polishing with micro film cloth. Be careful not to rub too hard.

You might try the same technique for the interior of your windows, especially if you are a smoker. Wash all interior windows in this manner to remove nicotine and smoke film.

To eliminate water spots from rain or moisture, use a product called “Detailer’s Pro Series High Performance Glass Restorer” to remove the water spots. Your glass will look immaculate. The spots can ruin the shine of your windows and take away from your car’s overall luster.

When detailing your car, the best way to clean car windows to look fit enough to be displayed at an Auto Show Exhibit is to be thorough. Remove the accumulated dirt and grime that builds up just under the windshield and mirror trim. The dirt here has probably been accumulating for some time and requires special handling. Use an old toothbrush. Spray window cleaner on the brush and scrub all around the edges of the window trim. Use a heavy duty one sided razor blade to scrape any residue build up. Apply window cleaning solution to the windows adjoining the trim and polish the glass to remove spots. For satisfying results, another trick in learning how to clean car windows, is to avoid cleaning them in direct sunlight.

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