Retractable Tonneau Covers For Trucks

Retractable tonneau covers for trucks or Roll-n-Lock as they are also known are hard covers that as the name implies retract or roll instead of lifting them to gain access to the pick-up truck bed. These are great for truck owners that are constantly loading large or irregular shape cargo on their pick-up trucks and do not want to deal with the constant removal of the solid one piece cover.  These covers are made of vinyl, ABS plastic or aluminium. They are easy to open, the cover rests on a tracking system or channel that is mounted on both sides of the truck.

The hard retractable tonneau covers are made of aluminium or ABS plastic and are constructed of individuals panels attached together that allows the cover to roll or retract into the mechanism installed at the front of the bed; similar to the roller shutter doors you may find in buildings; they are available with either a manual or electric mechanism roll or retract the cover. Aluminium retractable tonneau covers are generally finished with a black powder coat finish, vinyl or polymer coating or baked on enamel.

This is the most practical application of tonneau covers available for the working truck. Depending on your application you can get the vinyl cover which would be the least expensive of them and will protect your cargo from the elements, if you store materials in your truck or constantly leave it unattended when loaded a cover made of a hard material as ABS plastic or aluminium is your best option, with these covers you can secure and safeguard your cargo as they are equipped with locks and are not easy to break in to gain access to your cargo. Depending on manufacturer some covers are available with dual drain valves or channels to direct the water away from the cover to keep the interior of your trucks bed and its cargo dry such as the Ford Ranger tonneau covers.

Pro’s and Con’s Of Buying A Car From A Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot

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With the economy the way it is today, more and more people are finding it difficult to obtain car loans and financing for a vehicle that they have found from the used cars for sale by owner ads. Many may need cheap cars for a new job or need reliable transportation to and from medical facilities. Whatever the reason, the people who need a car but cannot obtain financing through traditional lending institutions usually end up turning to buy here pay here car lots. While some may think this a bad thing, others consider it a good choice if you’re careful. Here are some pro’s and con’s to consider before purchasing a car from such a dealer.

For beginners you need to know there’s a reason a car dealer can offer to carry the financing of a car for you. In some instances, the dealer may increase the price of the car that they’re financing for you. So you end up paying more for the car than you would through a traditional dealer.

Other dealers may hit you with a very high interest rate on the car you buy. While the price of the car may sound reasonable, the interest rate could be so high that by the time you get it paid off, you’ve paid hundreds or maybe thousands more in interest than you would have through traditional car dealers.

And there are some buy here pay here car lots that will increase the asking price of the car and charge you a high interest rate to finance the automobile for you!

But on the flip side, I believe most buy here pay here car lots are honest. They do have the right to charge a reasonable price for their cars and a reasonable interest rate on the loans they carry for you. And yes, those interest rates will probably be higher than a traditional lenders interest rate. After all, you’re probably a credit risk to begin with or you would have went through a traditional lending institution like one of the automakers lending departments, a bank or credit union.

I once needed help buying a used pickup. Since my credit was dinged, I ended up buying it from a buy here pay here car lot. This particular lot reported my on time payments to the credit reporting bureau’s. This went a long way in helping me increase my credit score. This is another bonus of buying from these lots, just make sure they will report your on time payments, some will, some won’t! All in all not a bad deal for buying cheap used trucks.

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